Resource Links

For you Horse People

This is a site that a good friend of ours, Polly, owns and runs. If you own a horse, or need a service, look here. She offers a monthly news letter with horse information that covers the Central valley and Coast- you gotta check this out!

Web Page Help

Ok, this is where it all begins. Kathleen will get your business headed in the right direction with a beautiful custom web page!


Here is a short-cut link to where you can begin to find everything you might need on the internet.

Clovis Chamber of Commerce

Sidewinder Chaps and Leather Works is in Clovis, California, and we do business here- we suggest you do as well. Here you will find links and information of all kinds, Clovis Rodeo, Clovis Big hat days, Clovis Fest, the list goes on- take a look!

Outside Pride

Great place to find horse pasture seed, and all kinds of gardening and outdoor ideas and resources.

Google Maps

See where you are in relation to us- start here.

Speciality Thread

This will save you some time; if you need thread for your speciality sewing, I have done all the work for you, just go here!

Leather Coloring Information

Great website. Information on coloring leather, as well as some great tips on preserving your leather, and general leather information.