Custom Leather Holsters


Holsters come in many styles, and are built from many different materials, but we make ours out of leather- top quality- Hermann Oak, and Wickett and Craig leather. Hermann Oak is the leather that all others are judged by. It is one of the oldest tanneries in the country, and is considered by most to be the top-of-the-heap. We proudly use the best leather available in all of our Custom Leather Holsters- and in all our products- it offers consistent quality, color, density, and uniform thickness- all qualities that we insist on, and you will be happy we do.

Totally Customizable

Here is where the fun begins! You choose the colors. You choose the design.

black latigo holster

Available for all popular handguns in any color, and finish; also available for any specialty guns.

“A holder for carrying a handgun, or other firearm, typically made from leather and worn on a belt, or under the arm”


You Deserve a Gift

Here you go! It doesn’t get much easier than this. Choose something already built, or submit your specs and we can build something especially for you. You can choose the color, pattern (basket, floral, oak leaf, etc.,) style, caliber, etc. We have made dozens of custom products, and have the experience and expertise to make exactly what you want!

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