More Products

We are constantly exploring our options and adding new products. You are asking for tack, and we are pleased to introduce our version of a heavy duty trail halter. This is made from Herman Oak Chestnut harness leather. We will also be making a combo halter/ bridal. Both of these products will be available on  this site in a few days. On the drawing board are our versions of hobbles, pulling collar, breast collar, tripping collar, as well as a few others. Please keep checking back; and as always, feel free to contact us with any questions, or custom needs.

Fringe is in

Fringe is in!

One of the most satisfying parts of this business is hearing someone say that their product is “perfect”; or receiving an email with an image attached. By and large, our customers are our friends and neighbors; or yet to be friends. We want to develop a relationship with our customers that speaks about our devotion to getting it right, and making products that they are proud to wear. “Val loves her new Chinks, thanks again!” It doesn’t get any better than that- we have the best customers, and are happy and proud to say that we will work hard to keep emails like that coming.

Indian Seat

Yes we Can

So I guess you never know what is coming up next. I admit that I do like fringe, but never expected to be adding it to a motorcycle seat. This is one that we added a flap and fringe to- it turned out good, and the owner was very happy with the results- hard to beat a satisfied customer! Bring us your project, we love a challange!

Rodeo Season

We have been so busy of late that I haven’t even posted anything here in months! Shame on me…I promise to do better. You have been so good to us, with new orders and support, we couldn’t ask for better clients! You have given us ideas for new products to add to our product list, and you will be seeing those on this website soon. You have also told us that you love what we are doing, so many things will not change, we will still be putting you first, we will not forget how we  got here- by always putting you first!

Gearing up

The 2015 season is definitely up and running. We had a good holiday season, and now the rodeo season is upon us. You can look for us at all the local events this year, in particular the CHSRA Clovis Chute-out March 13-15; Clovis Big Hat days April 11-12, and hopefully the Clovis Rodeo this year April 24-26, just to name a few.welcome

Winter Fog

So, I am here in Central California in the San Joaquin Valley, and for those of you that are not familiar with it, most winters we have several days of thick fog…well we are right in the middle of that right now. The only reason I bring up such a distasteful thought, is to offer a warmer thought. Chaps. Thats right, Chaps. I have a pair that I made for myself for exactly this weather. I wear them cutting firewood or burning brush, and later in the year running the weed whacker. They are obviously not the prettiest (which is why I am not posting a picture) to look at, but they offer another layer of insulation from the cold while protecting my Wranglers from destruction- no more stained green Wranglers, for instance. I fitted them with a glove holder lanyard, a knife pocket, and iPhone pocket. Just something to think about, I would be happy to make you a pair. Think warm thoughts for now!

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it another year; is it just me, or are they coming faster? A wise man (probably a woman for all I know…) once said that “time marches on”…no kidding. The important thing is that we take stake in the important things along the way, and don’t loose track of the ones in our lives that mean so much to us- none of us are here forever- I know you get my point. It just seems that sometimes we get so involved trying to make a buck, or doing things that seem important at the time, that we miss the big picture- take a second and tell the people in your lives how important they are to you. Happy New Year!


Today we traveled to our foremost leather supplier in Napa, California, to see first hand the quality and quantity of the raw material available to us, and I was impressed. The Hide House has an impressive inventory, to say the least. For me this means that what I order is available immediately; for you this means that we can get any color of any leather for your every project! Look for new designs soon!


So, today I was thinking that it sure seemed warm for October, then it struck me, October? That means that November is next, wow! Holidays! With that though in mind, we will be offering some great Holiday deals, and new products. And here is a “tip”, don’t get caught off guard this year. Start, or at least begin to plan, your holiday shopping; trust me, I have never started too early, and if you get done a couple of weeks early, good for you!

Having Fun!

Ok, so who says you can’t have fun with this? One of the great things about having a business like this is that you get to make products that are fun and imaginative- case in point, Doggie Chinks! Now I admit that my puppies did not take think too much about it the first time I placed them up on my work table and started trying on different collars with chinks attached, but Dixie has taken to it well, and I am convinced she is showing off now!Dixie chinks1