About Sidewinder Chaps

Early History

I was fortunate enough to grow up in northern California in the 70’s on what some would consider a small farm. At one time we had three horses, a dozen or so rabbits and chickens, and even a few pigeons. I was very active in the 4-H, and loved the old west life style; in fact there was a pretty good size group of us in high school that played the part, dressing in the style- boots and hats- swinging our lariats during lunch and chewing tobacco. Immediately after high school I went into the fire service, working for CDF for three summers.

Growing a Family

While I loved the action, and the work- I got out of it for several years, but went back to “the best job in the world” in the early 90’s. One thing I never got out of, was my love for the old west and messing with leather. My lovely wife and I now have a small,10 acre. horse ranch were we can live out our own version of the old west.

Crafting Leather

One of the dreams I have been able to pursue is to now have my own leather shop. As I prepare to retire from the fire service, I am making plans to contribute all my efforts making the very best leather products I can. Leather is timeless- maybe that is what I love about it, or maybe it is the subtle ruggedness, or maybe the smell- maybe all the above.