Mutton Buster Chinks

It has taken us a while to develop a pattern we liked, but we are finally proud to announce that our complete line of Mutton Buster’s chinks are ready for you! We have three “standard” sizes to add to our standard products; of course, as always, custom is our speciality, and we will always build any product in any style or size, whatever color combination you like! When we refer to standard, what we are saying is that we will have a number of these in different colors on the shelf at any given time available for immediate shipment. As I write this today, I am working with our webmaster to build a page for each unit for on-line purchase. If you log on today, the pages may not be up, but please check back tomorrow, or use the “Contact” link, and we will get back to you immediately. Thanks for your continued interest in our products!