Winter Fog

So, I am here in Central California in the San Joaquin Valley, and for those of you that are not familiar with it, most winters we have several days of thick fog…well we are right in the middle of that right now. The only reason I bring up such a distasteful thought, is to offer a warmer thought. Chaps. Thats right, Chaps. I have a pair that I made for myself for exactly this weather. I wear them cutting firewood or burning brush, and later in the year running the weed whacker. They are obviously not the prettiest (which is why I am not posting a picture) to look at, but they offer another layer of insulation from the cold while protecting my Wranglers from destruction- no more stained green Wranglers, for instance. I fitted them with a glove holder lanyard, a knife pocket, and iPhone pocket. Just something to think about, I would be happy to make you a pair. Think warm thoughts for now!

Happy New Year!

Well, we made it another year; is it just me, or are they coming faster? A wise man (probably a woman for all I know…) once said that “time marches on”…no kidding. The important thing is that we take stake in the important things along the way, and don’t loose track of the ones in our lives that mean so much to us- none of us are here forever- I know you get my point. It just seems that sometimes we get so involved trying to make a buck, or doing things that seem important at the time, that we miss the big picture- take a second and tell the people in your lives how important they are to you. Happy New Year!